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What Flappy Bird Can Teach Us About Habits

FlappyBirdFlappy Bird is the latest, wildly popular, video game for Android and IOS phones and tablets.  Many people who have played the game are puzzled as to why it is so compelling.  The graphics in the game are simple, even outdated.  The sounds are similarly reminiscent of video games from the late 1980’s.  The game play is just to make it through the gaps in vertical pipes.  That is it.  That is the entire game!  Why is it that so many people have become “addicted” to playing this game.  Many people who continue to play it even claim to hate the game, but still, find themselves going back to it day after day.  They continue to play just one more round, repeatedly, until, for many, hours have past.  This is exactly the way habits are formed and is a very good example of how habits are triggered.

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January is here! It’s time to break your New Year’s Resolution!


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What is this?  Is The Habit Habit encouraging people to break their New Year’s Resolutions?  Shouldn’t this website encourage and celebrate the tradition of self improvement through commitment to positive change at the start of a new year?  Isn’t this what making habits is all about?

Sadly, no.

You Will Fail (likely)

We are just calling it like we see it. According to Statistic Brain only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions succeed.  More than one third fail before the end of January.  More disappointingly, a quarter of all New Year’s Resolutions fail during the first week!  Why would anyone participate in such a consistently unsuccessful activity?

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Beyond the Todo List – Episode 54 – Tony Stubblebine of @Liftapp on the habit of making habits

liftLogoYes!  Creator of the wonderful habit tracking and goal motivating, popular Android and IOS app Lift, Tony Stubblebine discusses the power of making a habit of making habits in this interview with Beyond the ToDo List host Erik J. Fisher.

If you are looking for a way to track your new habits, give the Lift app a try.  Even if you choose not to use the app, listen to this podcast.  Tony really gets not only the power of habits, but the power of making a habit of making habits.  This is what it is all about.  Really great stuff!

Surrender to and Embrace your habits! Now!

Have you ever found yourself doing things that you want to stop doing?  You can end those bad habits!

Have you ever been impressed with the way others seem to be able be productive repeatedly and seemingly effortlessly?  You can do it too!

Welcome to The Habit Habit.  Here we will explore the habit of making positive habits.

Internally, you are defined by the things you believe in, the things you have passion for.  Externally, the way that people perceive you, you are defined by your actions.  Despite what most people think, very little of what you do is done deliberately, with full attention.  Most of what you do is a result of your habits.  Your habits control you whether you like it or not.

The time is now, to make a habit of making good habits.  Replace your old, bad habits with good ones.

It is with good habits that you will become the person you want to be.  It is with good habits that you will live the amazing life that you always wanted.  It is with good habits that you will be the same person externally that you are internally.

Surrender to and embrace your good habits now!  Join in with the growing number of people making a habit of making habits!

At The Habit Habit, we will be highlighting some of the best ideas and methods for making your habits work for you.  We bring original articles as well as the best content from the world wide web, giving you the tools to be your best, live your best and show your best.