What Flappy Bird Can Teach Us About Habits

FlappyBirdFlappy Bird is the latest, wildly popular, video game for Android and IOS phones and tablets.  Many people who have played the game are puzzled as to why it is so compelling.  The graphics in the game are simple, even outdated.  The sounds are similarly reminiscent of video games from the late 1980’s.  The game play is just to make it through the gaps in vertical pipes.  That is it.  That is the entire game!  Why is it that so many people have become “addicted” to playing this game.  Many people who continue to play it even claim to hate the game, but still, find themselves going back to it day after day.  They continue to play just one more round, repeatedly, until, for many, hours have past.  This is exactly the way habits are formed and is a very good example of how habits are triggered.

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